Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are You Making One of These 12 Atkins Induction Diet Mistakes?

Referee Enforcing the Rules of the Game
12 Atkins Induction Phase Mistakes that Can Stop Weight Loss

If you're not dropping the pounds as quickly as you hoped, you might believe that the Atkins Diet Program isn't the right choice for you. That may or may not be true. But, before you jump ship, take a moment and consider whether you've been following the Atkins Induction rules correctly.

Many people returning to the Atkins Nutritional Approach begin at the point where they left off, rather than officially starting over. Others hear about the Atkins Diet from news stories or read an article or two on the web and then try to piece together what they believe is a low-carb diet plan without ever having read the book.

Although a low-carb program can be easier to follow than a typical low-calorie diet, due to the way that carbohydrate restriction eliminates cravings and stabilizes blood sugar, you still have to follow the Rules of Induction to achieve success. If you've been on Atkins Induction for a month or more and you still haven't lost very much weight, maybe you haven't been following the rules as closely as you thought:

Monday, January 25, 2016

12 Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas to Make Your Mornings Easier

Egg Fried in Center of a Bell Pepper Ring; Served with Cucumber Slices and Tomato Wedges
Egg Fried in the Center of a Bell Pepper Ring

Breakfast is hubby's favorite meal of the day. He loves a hearty, filling breakfast in the morning. In fact, when we used to go out to eat before I went gluten free, we almost always went out to eat on Saturday or Sunday morning. He loves all of the basics you normally find at a cafe:
  • bacon and eggs
  • sausage and eggs
  • ham and eggs
  • omelets with salsa
  • fried potatoes
  • french toast
  • pancakes
  • biscuits and gravy

When we went gluten free, going out to eat stopped, but eating a hearty breakfast did not. We simply started making a big breakfast at home on the weekends. During the week, hubby didn't eat breakfast. He simply took a large lunch with him to work. However, his latest job change has dramatically affected the way we eat now.

Friday, January 15, 2016

What is the Easiest Way to Go Low Carb?

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Here's the Secret for Making a Low-Carb Diet More Successful

January always brings a rush of folks to the Atkins fold. Some of them are new and are interested in the quick fat-loss claims that ketogenic diets are known to produce and want to see if they can lose weight as quickly themselves. Others have come back to Atkins Induction for a second or third time because it worked so well for them in the past.

Stories that second-timers tell vary in the details, of course, but most of the stories have the same thread running throughout the tale:

Something stressful popped up in your life, and you didn't know how to handle the challenge without eating all of your favorite foods.

Keto works. Maybe not as quickly as you're hoping it will, but it's one of the easiest ways to lose weight due to the way it eliminates the hunger that is so typical on low-calorie diets. Even so, making it work takes a strong mental attitude adjustment. You have to want to change, but the easiest way to go low carb takes more than desire.

Whether you're brand new to a low-carb lifestyle or you've been around the block a time or two, 2016 can be the year that you decide to finally take back your health.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to Choose the Best Low-Carb Weight-Loss Program for You

Silver tray of cold cuts, deviled eggs, cheese, and radishes
Choose the Best Low-Carb Diet for You

When searching for the best diet to lose weight, there are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge. For example, health issues, such as celiac disease, metabolic syndrome, food sensitivities, or diabetes can greatly affect the results you get. Your food preferences, lifestyle, family support or struggles, and even your basic beliefs play a role in how well a low-carb diet plan will work for you.

If your concern is finding a lose-weight-fast diet, rather than choosing a plan that will teach you how to switch to a more healthy lifestyle, then that goal will narrow your choices.

Few really good weight-loss plans are designed to help you lose weight quickly.

That's the bitter truth. Most diets that work well don't work fast unless you are brand new to dieting. Although low-carb diets often allow you to drop several pounds during the first few days, most of those pounds won't be body fat. Weight loss during the first week is typically glycogen, the storage form of carbohydrates, water, and muscle tissue.

Fat-burning diets require a special combination of foods to correct hormone irregularities while eliminating foods that interfere with the body's ability to mobilize fat stores. Healing takes adequate nutrition, and correcting malnutrition and insulin resistance takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time.

In addition, weight-loss diets that work are not temporary. Since you can't go back to your old style of eating, returning to what you used to eat before is not an option if you want to reach goal weight and stay there. Making permanent changes is the only way to shed the excess fat for good.

Over the years, I've experimented with several low-carb diets. They all resulted in weight loss, but some plans worked better than others. If you need help in choosing the best low-carb weight-loss program for you, here's what I've learned from following some of the low-carb plans available today:

Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Make a Faux Low-Carb Cookie Plate Filled with Healthy Holiday Snacks

Plate Filled with LC Goodies: Cheese Crackers, Cheese Cutouts, Salami Trees
You Don't Have to Give Up Healthy Holiday Treats when Low Carb

When you're on a low-carb diet, the holidays can be rough. Everywhere you turn, there is candy, cookies, quick breads, and other carby treats enticing you to go off plan. Whether it's an office party pot luck, hot cocoa and marshmallows, warm cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, or the cookie plate the neighbor sent over on Christmas Eve, holiday traditions offer multiple temptations and opportunities to chuck your keto diet and go face down into those unhealthy treats.

As habitual creatures who consistently seek out pleasurable experiences, tradition feels comforting and familiar. In past years, you've understood that the holidays only come around once a year, so there was nothing to feel guilty about if you ate a few too many treats.

Moving into your first low-carb Christmas changes all of that.

You can feel apprehensive and worried. Many past traditions have been disrupted. A low-carb diet is a massive lifestyle change, but switching your mindset from using carbs for comfort to wanting to make healthy snacks for the holidays doesn't happen overnight.

Even if you've been around the keto block for a few years, you might have a tendency to make it through Christmas by white-knuckling the cookie plates and banana bread the best way you can, but that's no way to spend the holidays. Even though you're on a low-carb diet, Christmas can still be fun and exciting!

All it takes is a little creativity and a bit of time to throw together a faux low-carb cookie plate filled with healthy holiday snacks of your own.

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