Email Notifications are Going Away

Feedburner's Email Notifications are Going Away

Here's a head's up:

Google recently notified me that starting in July, Feedburner is no longer going to send out automatic email notifications whenever a new post is published.

This means:

If you signed up to receive those email notifications, you won't be receiving them any more starting in July 2021.

This is extremely inconvenient for those of you who like receiving these notifications.

I get that.

Dropping by the blog, now and then, to see if I've published anything new is going to be a pain.

It also makes it more difficult for me to follow through with the idea of consolidating my blogs, come hubby's retirement. Email notifications would let readers skip over the topics they're not interested in, and only click-through to the topics they are.

But now, Blogspot will no longer have a FollowByEmail widget.

I am not really into social media, but I do have a Kickin' Carb Clutter Facebook page where I can post the urls to the latest articles, but I don't know how convenient that would be for you. I have not been active there, but I could start doing that.

Kickin' Carb Clutter Facebook Page

I also have a Kickin' Carb Clutter Pinterest board that is specifically for the blog's new posts. I only pin my own blog posts to that board, so it makes my articles easier to find.

Kickin' Carb Clutter Pinterest Board

Personally, to keep the number of emails I get down, I like to bookmark the blogs I read and then return at my convenience.

But, honestly, my list of blogs is so long that I don't visit those bookmarked blogs as often as I'd like to. That is because I prefer to hang out at low-carb forums.

For those of you who prefer email notifications, I am so sorry for the coming inconvenience.

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