November 16, 2012

Protein Deficiency – Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Many People on LCHF Are Not Eating Enough Meat
Are You Getting
Enough Protein in Your
Low-Carb Meals?
Over the years, Nutritional Ketosis has been greatly misunderstood, especially in terms of protein and dietary fat intake.

People are confused about how much protein they actually need to eat. Those drastically cutting down on protein are showing serious signs of protein deficiency.

Sounds crazy for those on a carbohydrate restricted eating plan to be deficient in protein, but most people who attempt a LCHF way of life have gotten their information through word of mouth.

Stalled partway to goal weight, or just beginning their low-carb journey, they grab onto the false idea that lowering their protein intake is a healthier way to eat than Atkins.

No matter which low-carb diet you're following, protein isn't optional like carbs are. Protein is an essential macronutrient that breaks down into amino acids and is used by the body to create:
  • hormones
  • enzymes
  • antibodies
Amino acids are also used to repair and rebuild protein structures throughout the body. Hair, fingernails, skin, and organs are all created from protein. Even the lining of your gut is totally dependent on protein for food.

If you don't eat enough high-quality protein, you can trigger cravings for carbohydrates, or suffer with anxiety, headaches, and water retention. While eating more than you need can be wasteful, not eating enough protein can be fatal.