February 23, 2016

Does the Paleo Diet Actually Cause Weight Gain? (What the Researchers Did to Get that Result Will Surprise You)

Salmon and Fried Eggs Do Not Cause Weight Gain
Can You Gain Weight
Eating Salmon and Fried Eggs?
The latest study on the Paleo Diet coming out of Australia is sending shock waves through the media here in the U.S.

Reporters are tripping all over themselves trying to get the word out that a Paleo Diet, defined by the researchers as a very low-carb high-fat diet, causes weight gain even though the Paleo Diet is NOT a low-carb, nor high-fat diet.

On the surface, the study published on February 15th in Nutrition and Diabetes appears to look into the benefits that a low-carb high-fat diet has on beta cell degeneration and function in mice, but the methods used in the study are so shocking and contrary to low-carb, Paleo, and even diabetic diets that it's hard to believe that anyone is actually taking the study seriously.

But they are.

February 02, 2016

Are You Making One of These 12 Atkins Induction Diet Mistakes?

Referee Enforcing the Rules of the Game
12 Atkins Induction Rules
If you are not dropping the pounds as quickly as you hoped, you might think that the Atkins Diet isn't the right choice for you.

That may or may not be true.

But, before you jump overboard and fall face down into the carbs, take a moment and consider whether you've been following the rules for Atkins Induction correctly.