November 23, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking a Perfect Turkey for Low-Carb Dieters

Roasted Turkey Golden Brown
How to Roast a 
Thanksgiving Turkey
with Crispy Skin
(Photo: Gerry, CC BY 2.0)
No matter which low-carb diet you're following, the turkey is the center of attention on your Thanksgiving Table.

High in protein, turkey meat is a nice source of zinc, iron, potassium, and B vitamins. It also has no carbohydrates, so unless you have a metabolic defect in processing proteins, you don't have to limit your portion size.

At least, not for the holidays.

The good news? Going back for seconds on turkey, or even thirds, won't throw you out of ketosis.

For that reason, learning to make the perfect holiday turkey can make the difference between serving up a great holiday meal and one that's just so-so.

November 09, 2015

Before You Reach for that Thanksgiving Roll . . . (Here's What You Need to Know)

Fancy Plate Filled with Croissants
Are the Consequences
Worth Going Off Plan?
The holidays can be a difficult time to diet.

Office parties, family gatherings, and social events, as well as the holiday itself, puts you around food.

Lots of food.

And usually, the type of food that isn't found on any low-carb plan.

If you're new to a low-carb diet, it's hard enough trying to figure out how low carb works without having to add temptation into the mix, but newbies are not the only ones who might not understand the consequences that come when reaching for that Thanksgiving roll or small piece of pumpkin pie.

If you're considering going off plan for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, here's what you need to know in order to make a well-informed decision.