October 30, 2015

Are Low-Carb Meals and Snacks Gluten Free?

Teriyaki Stir-Fry Chicken and Cabbage
A Low-Carb Diet
is Not Always Gluten Free
(Photo Credit: Richard Masoner
CC BY-SA 2.0)
The gluten-free community isn't very happy right now.

As those in the entertainment world continue to announce that they are going gluten free -- not because they have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity -- but because they want to shed a few pounds, we have a horde of groupies and those who have heard that gluten-free diets are great for weight loss deciding that ditching the gluten is an important way to gain better health.

Unfortunately, these gluten-free dieters are not totally committed to living gluten free. Many feel it's fine to indulge once in a while, which has caused a lot of confusion and misconceptions. 

Even within the low-carb community, there are many who feel they are eating gluten free just because their diet is low in carbs.

Not so. 

Low-carb meals and snacks are not automatically gluten free. Staying away from gluten is far more difficult than just giving up the carbs.

October 14, 2015

5 Fantastic Ways to Use the Atkins Pre-Maintenance Plan Today

Chinese Chicken and Celery Stir-Fry: a Healthy Maintenance Dish
What to Do When Challenges
Won't Let You Eat Low Carb
Thinking about Atkins pre-maintenance might seem premature for many low-carb dieters, especially since it is usually saved until you have shrunk down to 5 or 10 pounds from goal.

However, there are times in life when this plan can be quite useful, even today.

Taking a moment to understand what the pre-maintenance phase of Atkins is, and isn't, as well as when it can be helpful to keep you on plan, will enable you to face important challenges in your life.

Pre-maintenance can empower you to make the best decisions when challenges arise and get in the way of your eating plan.

You don't want to lose all of the hard work you've accomplished so far.

And that can certainly happen if life interferes before you've gotten anywhere near your goal. Low carb isn't a diet - is not just a mantra, it's also a way of handling life's challenges when they won't let you eat low carb.
If life is crazy right now and circumstances are in your way, don't quit. Here's what to do instead of going face down into the cherry pie.

October 07, 2015

An Honest Discussion About Slow Weight Loss

Salmon Sitting in Teriyaki Sauce
Low-Carb Diets Designed
to Eliminate Hunger
and Cravings
In my low-carb travels lately, I've run into quite a few folks who are very frustrated about how slowly they are losing weight on the Atkins Diet.

These people expected the Atkins Nutritional Approach to perform in a way it wasn't designed for.

Internet myths and rumors, comparing yourself to others, and misunderstanding the science behind why carbohydrate restriction results in weight loss can bring about tons of needless struggle and pain.

The more I read, the more I've realized that unrealistic expectations and misconceptions have reached epidemic proportions within the low-carb community. While some people do experience dramatic weight loss, unfortunately, that isn't the norm.