April 27, 2015

Missing Diet Soda? PepsiCo Has Your Back!

Glass of Diet Pepsi and Green Beans with Mushrooms
Diet Pepsi is Switching
from Aspartame to Sucralose
(Photo credit: Ben Mason, CC BY 2.0)
The Atkins Diet doesn't allow diet soda with aspartame. Dr. Atkins took it off the acceptable beverage list many years ago after doing personal research into aspartame's potential health dangers.

At that time, he recommended sucralose sweetened beverages and products, but sucralose sweetened soft drinks are difficult to find today.

There are a few Erythritol and acesulfame potassium (ace-K) sweetened beverages available in limited areas of the U.S. or online, but a 6-pack is really expensive compared to aspartame-sweetened options.

The one time I tried it? It didn't taste very good, so I never bought it again. For that reason, many low-carb dieters have simply opted to ignore Dr. Atkins advice and have reached for the Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke instead.

However, having to sneak around is about to change.

April 07, 2015

How the Myth of Willpower Affects Weight Loss

Back of Building Covered in Graffiti
Back-Door Low-Carb Plan
This morning, I received a comment from a reader who didn't like what I had to say about body memory and the body's biological instinct for survival.

The comment was from an anonymous reader who reacted to something I said on a post I wrote in September of 2011. The title of the post was Stumbling on Your Low-Carb Eating Plan? Here's How to Find Success by Using the Back Door! if you want to read it.

This post was designed to help those who might be having trouble making it through Atkins Induction, now called Atkins Phase 1, by offering a more gentle, alternative plan to drastically cutting carbs all at once.