August 29, 2012

LDL Cholesterol, Blood Clots, and the Atkins Diet

Hot Poppers Can Improve HDL Cholesterol
The Atkins Diet Lowers Risk
for Heart Disease, Blood Clots
Cholesterol is a hot topic today. It’s been that way for many years now.

The media, the medical community, the pharmaceutical industry and even nutritionists and dietitians have demonized cholesterol to the point where many believe that getting rid of the cholesterol and saturated fat in your diet will solve all of your health problems.

This saturated-fat theory is why a low-carb diet is often frowned upon by many medical authorities and why those new to low carb diets are often confused and misguided about what they should or shouldn’t eat. If you're struggling to understand how a low-carb diet can lower the risk for heart disease and blot clots, then this post is for you.

August 19, 2012

Dr. Atkins Views on Low-Carb Sustainability

Pizza Made with an Almond-Flour Crust
Low-Carb Pizza
with an Almond-Flour Crust
As most of you know, I’m extremely partial to the 1972 and 1992 versions of The Atkins Diet.

The 72 version was based on Dr. Atkins own experiences following a low-carb diet and a few initial clinical observations.

The original 92 version (the first edition) was based on the feedback that he actually got from his patients. Many of them were cheating on their low-carb diet, not by pigging out on carbs, but by adding a few vegetables to Atkins Induction along with the skimpy salad, which they eventually admitted.

The media, and even medical-based websites, often claim that a low-carb diet is not sustainable, and from their perspective, they might just be right. With thousands of people trying to use low-carb diets to manage their weight, why are so few making it all the way to goal?

August 11, 2012

Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy (Dairy Free)

Tender Pork Chops with a Rich Mushroom Sauce
You Don't Have to Give Up
Gravy When You Go
Low Carb
Looking for a low-carb dairy-free recipe that will get you rave reviews from the family?

This easy pork chop recipe began as a low-carb chicken dish, popular at the Low Carb Friends forum. You sprinkled chicken breast heavily with a magical spice mixture and simmered it in a classic cream sauce.

With a few minor tweaks to make it gluten and dairy free, I turned the spicy sauce into a delicious mushroom gravy that was better suited for center-cut pork chops.

Don't let the spice mixture for this pork dish scare you off. No one will know that the rich coloring is due to chili powder and a little curry if you don't tell them. The mushrooms and coconut milk overpower the odd choice in spices, resulting in the best low-carb gravy for pork chops you've ever tasted.