January 03, 2012

How to Make it Through the Atkins Induction Diet Without Cheating

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Tips and Tricks to Conquer
Your First First Month
on Atkins Without Cheating!
For most people, a low-carb diet helps to control hunger, making it one of the best ways to lose weight, but that’s only after the body enters the state of ketosis. 

Up until then:

Cravings and hunger can cause you to mindlessly grab for the cookies and bread. 

Generally, it takes about 3 days to get into ketosis. 

However, no matter which low-carb plan you choose, the first three or four weeks will be rough, especially if you've been using carbs to handle stressful and emotional situations. 

A low-carb diet isn't like a standard low-calorie diet, where cheating comes with a small price. On low carb, the cost for cheating is quite high. It can actually stop you from entering ketosis.

It takes about three weeks before the brain starts using ketones to fuel most of its needs and the body switches to using fatty acids instead of ketones and glucose, so to make that happen, you'll need to strictly following the Atkins rules of Induction. 

Since many individuals choose to stay with the Induction Diet for at least the first month, you are going to need these tips and tricks to help make the adjustment easier to live with.