November 27, 2011

Are Genetically Modified Foods Affecting Your Low Carb Diet Plan?

Are you following a low carb diet plan, yet find yourself hungry, tired and feeling sick?

Has your weight loss stalled?

Thanks to the prevalence of genetically modified foods in the U.S., your low-carb meals might not be as grain free as you think.

Weight-Loss Plateau May be Due to Cheese With GMO Corn
Most Cheeses Contain
GMO Corn and Rennet 
Many low-carb followers, especially those who do their own research, understand the effect that various sugars can have on the body due to their metabolism not functioning properly. In fact, most low carb-diet plans, such as the Atkins diet or Keto, place insulin resistance and other metabolic issues at the heart of the obesity epidemic.

Lowering your carbohydrate intake allows the body to go into ketosis, where hunger drops and eating at a caloric deficit is easier than it is on standard low-calorie diets.

That is basic low-carb philosophy.

Today, however, we have a new kid on the block that’s causing havoc: genetically modified organisms -- also known as GMOs.