September 26, 2011

Stumbling on Your Low-Carb Eating Plan? Find Success Using the Back Door Approach

Best Solution for Those Who Can't Stick to Low Carb
Having Trouble Getting
Through Atkins Induction?
The Back Door Approach

is the Perfect Solution!
Most folks who start the Atkins Diet, begin by walking through the front door. They have no need for the Back Door Approach.

Maybe, that's you, too.

Did you read the book, study the first phase of Atkins Induction thoroughly, and then just do it?

Maybe you threw out (or gave away) all of the high-carb items in the house. Perhaps, you stocked the refrigerator and cupboards with low-carb foods and mapped out a solid plan of action for emergencies.

On the other hand, you might have taken a more haphazard approach. Read the book, but skipped over the boring information to get to the food list and rules. If so, you might not have cared how low carb works, or why. You just wanted to know what to eat, and what not too.

You may, or may not have stocked up on allowable foods, and you may, or may not have thought about what to do if your found your self in a tight situation.

Both dieting styles can lead to problems sticking to a new diet because no matter what your degree of motivation, switching to a low-carb eating style brings drastic change. If you're stumbling on your low-carb eating plan, and can't seem to make it through Atkins Induction without cheating, this post is for you!