May 30, 2011

Why Does a Low Carb Diet Make You Feel Shaky?

Faux Hypoglycemia is Responsible for Most Shakiness on Atkins Induction
Is Feeling Shaky on a
Low-Carb Diet Something
to Worry About?
It is a myth that all overweight people have insulin resistance and/or metabolic syndrome. Truth is only 1 in 3 overweight individuals don't respond to insulin correctly.

It is also a myth that everyone’s insulin and blood glucose levels soar into the clouds when they eat carbohydrates. This type of reaction means something is metabolically wrong.

If you have normal blood glucose control, your body’s sensitivity to insulin will quickly take care of the small rise in glucose you get after you eat. In fact, typical folks never see a rise in blood sugar levels much above 120 mg/dl (6.6 mmol/L) – no matter how much starch and sugar they eat.

The rise in both blood glucose and insulin is only problematic for those with an abnormal blood glucose or insulin response to the carbohydrates you eat. Reasons for these strange reactions will vary from individual to individual, but taking the necessary steps to correct the problem can often make you feel worse instead of better.

Here's why:

May 20, 2011

How Do I Get Back Into Ketosis Faster After Cheating?

Did you go out to eat at a restaurant? 

Restaurants are famous for hiding sugar in their salad dressings and putting other carby fillers in their food that you don't know about. All it takes is a single teaspoon of sugar in the dressing or a light dusting of flour on that chicken breast to stop spilling ketones!

Maybe you went to a party and couldn't tell if your food was really free of carbs, or not. You might not have wanted to upset the host, or didn't want to feel left out, so you ate something that wasn't on plan.

Perhaps, you deliberately caved in to those delicious looking cupcakes or soft, fluffy donuts that someone brought into the office. You also might have decided to chuck the low-carb dieting game and just kick back and enjoy your vacation. All of that delicious food looked too good to pass up!

If you work out regularly and did a carb up to improve hormonal balance and bump up your Leptin level, you might also be wondering if there's a way to get back into ketosis more quickly. If so, this article will help you, too.

For those who cheated, I have a little advice:

May 13, 2011

Is a Low Carb Diet Best for Burning Liver Fat?

What Causes Fatty Liver? It's Not Dietary Fats!
How Do You Ditch a Fatty Liver?
I ran into a horde of regurgitated news articles the other day that pointed me toward a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition this month.

It was a short-term study – just two weeks long – but it clearly showed how a low-carb diet burns more liver fat during Atkins Induction than a low-calorie diet does.

I didn’t read all of those articles because the first two were just copies of the original press release put out by UT Southwestern Medical Center, the sponsor of the study.

Next, I took a trip over to PubMed where I actually found two studies published this month comparing how low-calorie diets and low-carb diets affect fatty liver disease.

May 05, 2011

Dairy Sensitivity, Beef, and the Atkins Induction Plan

Not All Low Carbers Can Eat Steak
Do I Have Beef Sensitivity?
I’ve wrestled with myself for the past couple of days about where to place this post. I didn’t want to discourage anyone from entering into, or sticking with, a standard low carb diet. 

Atkins and The Protein Power Lifeplan both work equally well for most individuals, even though they differ in application. Same goes for the Keto Diet, Nutritional Ketosis, and other low-carb plans.

However, honesty finally won out due to the relevancy of the topic. 

Recently, I decided that since my weight had reached the upper limits for maintenance, I would go back on Atkins Induction to carve off the body fat I’d gained. 

I knew that the first week’s weight loss would be mostly glycogen and water. That held true. I weighed in at 158 pounds last Friday, down almost 5-1/2 pounds for the first week of Induction. All seemed to be going according to the plan.

But I didn’t expect what happened next.