April 22, 2007

Trouble Losing Weight on Low Carb?

Girl Flexing Her Muscles and Working Out
Is Losing Weight on Low Carb
Becoming a Challenge?
What do you do if your low-carb diet isn't working as well as you had hoped? Is there a way to get the scales moving again?

Yes there is.

At the Low Carb Friends forum, there is an autoresponder letter from the ANA that was originally sent to a forum member there in 2003.

If you ignore the controversy over how and why the letter was sent in the first place, and just focus on the letter itself, there is a lot of good information in it.

Basically, it covers why stalls and weight loss stops or slows down after you've been on a low-carb diet for awhile. The letter also contains some good information on what you can do to get the scales moving down again.

Strawberry Shortcake (Low-Carb Style)

Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream
How to Make Low-Carb
Strawberry Shortcake
Are you salivating for a great low-carb dessert?

This Low-Carb Strawberry Shortcake is guaranteed not to let you down.

I wish I would have experimented with the Original Atkins Revolution Rolls much earlier than I did. I was quite surprised by just how versatile they are.

The original recipe was published in 1972 in Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution book, but many low-carb cooks have tweaked it over the years. The rolls are extremely popular on low-carb forums because they make great burger and sandwich buns.

However, I could never figure out why folks were so crazy about them.

Well, now I know.

April 18, 2007

Atkins 72, An Alternative Low Carb Plan

Atkins 72 Begins at
Biologically Zero Carbs,
Less Than 10 Carbs
In Dr. Atkins professional experience:

The 60-gram carbohydrate diets that sprung up in the 60s when he was experimenting with Dr. Bloom's diet (bacon and eggs, meat, poultry, fish, and lettuce salad) didn't cut carbohydrates low enough.

For that reason, the original Atkins diet, often referred to as Atkins 72, begins by placing you at biologically zero grams of carbohydrate. Those biologically zero carbs come to a mere 10 total carbs a day, only what you can metabolize from a 2-cup salad and a few incidentals.

This super-low carbohydrate level that you follow for one week is what made this low-carb diet different and more effective than the other weight-loss diets.

Problems Getting Into Ketosis? Here's a Quick Fix!

In 2007, I had a lot of trouble losing weight.

I started lurking on several low-carb forums and egroups, looking for answers. While I was there, I noticed there were many frustrated dieters sharing the same struggle.

Many of them talked about how a low-carb diet plan wasn't working as well as they had hoped.

Does that sound like you?

Dr. Atkins made it sound like low-carb weight loss was going to be easy and fairly quick. For a lot of individuals, that isn't the case. Low carb works pretty much the same as any other diet, but the state of ketosis makes it easier to eat less.

If you're struggling to ditch the fat, this post has a solution that just might work for you. It sure worked for me.

April 14, 2007

My Weight Loss Journey So Far

I was not a fat child. My struggle with weight actually began much later than that -- in high school.

Twiggy was the latest fad, and everyone who was anyone was starving themselves trying to be as toothpick thin as she was.

Even though I was only 10 pounds heavier than the height-weight charts said I should be, the kids made fun of me for being fat, so I bought a weight-loss magazine at the corner drug store and began to digest the info presented.

Like everyone else, I automatically believed in the calorie theory that magazine talked about because I saw the magazine as being authoritative. I believed the writer knew more about my body than I did. Plus, in those days, there was no way to do much research on your own. You were pretty much at the mercy of what the media wanted you to believe.

I'm sure my background story will be similar to yours.

So, here goes: