Looking for General Low-Carb Articles?

This page is devoted to general low-carb articles that are relevant to all types of low-carb diets. The articles here can be used with any low-carb plan, so they are very general in nature. They address common low-carb problems like:

  • handling hunger and cravings
  • the truth about calories
  • low-carb mistakes and misconceptions
  • how many carbohydrates you can eat
  • portion control issues
  • and setting a realistic weight-loss target
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Are You Tired of Being Fat? This 2-Week Keto Experiment Can Change Your Life! - If you're looking around for a weight-loss diet that really works, why not give Keto a try? This 2-week experiment can show you if going low-carb is the correct choice for you.

How to Go Low Carb (Simple 5-Step Guide) - If you're brand new to low carb diets and have no idea how to start one, this article lays out a basic 5-step plan. Includes a 3-day menu to get you into ketosis fast and links to menus and tons of recipes.

The Most Important Thing Keto Does for You - Many people are confused about what a low-carb diet can do for them, so in this article, I share the most important benefit that keto provides.

Can Low Carb Get Rid of Belly Fat? - If you're looking to use low carb to shed a pudgy belly, here's the truth about belly fat and weight loss.

What is the Ultimate AIM of a Low-Carb Diet? - If you don't know what low carb can do for you, you're going to be lost and frustrated. This article will get you back on track.

Does a Low-Carb Lifestyle Have to be Super Low in Carbs? - If you've bought into the super low-carb myth and believe that all low-carb diets are 20 net carbs, or less, this article will clear up your confusion.

Benefits of Doing HIIT on Low Carb - If you're confused about what HIIT is, this article walks you through the basics and offers ideas for turning your current exercise program into a high-intensity workout.

How to Improve Your Metabolic Rate - This article reveals some of the insights for improving your metabolism that Colette Heimowitz shared with Low Carb Friends participants in 2007.

The 5 Most Important Steps You Need to Take Right Now - This article shares one of the most mind-blowing insights I had while in the weight-loss phase.

How to Tweak Your Fat and Calories to Get the Results You Want - If you need help tweaking your dietary fat and calories, this article shows you exactly how to do that.

Use These 3 Easy Steps to Trim Your Calories Without Counting Them - If you need to keep a closer watch on your food intake, this article explains how to do it without having to use a calorie counter.

What Going Keto Can Do for You (And What it Can't) - If you're frustrated because you're not losing weight as quickly as you think you should, you might have one or more false expectations. Learn what you can expect from a low carb diet, and what it is not designed to do.

Atkins vs Keto: Here's the Truth about Keto and Atkins - Need a comparison between the Atkins Diet and the Keto Diet? This is it. Learn what Keto actually is and why it differs from Atkins.

Why the Chinese Restaurant Effect Matters - Ever heard of the Chinese Restaurant Effect? Here's why 20 net carbs might be too many carbs for Induction.

What are Refeeds, Free Meals, and Carb Cycling? - If you're confused about the difference between cycling, refeeds, and free days, this article will clear up any misconceptions you might have.

How Long Are You Going to Be On This Diet? - Hubby really gave me a mind-bender one day that I want to share with you. It deals with low-carb sustainability, and how long you expect to be low carb. Saying that low carb is a lifestyle choice is one thing. Living it is quite another.

A Beginner's Guide to Low Carb Diets - This is the ultimate guide to low-carb diets. It reveals everything that you need to know to get started right away. Learn about what low-carb diets are, their benefits, and what you can expect to experience throughout the first month of carb restriction. This article also discusses blood glucose levels, insulin, and why weight-loss slows down after the first couple of weeks. You'll also learn the truth about ketosis and how a low-carb diet actually works.

Do Low Carb Diets Work? - If you're struggling to lose weight on a low-carb diet, this article reveals the truth about the One Golden Shot Theory. Low carb works exceptionally well for newbies, but not so well for yo-yo dieters. If this isn't your first time on a low-carb diet, you need to listen up.

Does a 60-Gram Carbohydrate Diet Work? - The low-carb community doesn't accept diets of more than 50 grams a day as being ketogenic, but William Banting's experience with carbohydrate restriction calls that modern perspective into question, especially since many hold Banting up as the Father of low-carb diets.

Still Hungry on a Low-Carb Diet? Top 10 Reasons Hunger Hangs Around - If your hunger doesn't dramatically reduce once you enter into ketosis, you need to read this article. While some people have difficulty telling the difference between hunger and cravings, this post walks you through the top 10 reasons you might still be hungry and offers advice on what you can do.

How to Lose Weight Faster on Low Carb - The truth? Low-carb doesn't make you lose weight any faster than other diets. However, there are sneaky ways to carve off those pounds a little faster than a standard low-carb diet. Here's the trick.

How Many Carbohydrates Can You Eat and Still Be Low Carb? - Just how low is a low-carb diet? That depends on who you ask. In my struggles to ditch the gluten, correct my wonky blood glucose issues, and take control of my health, I learned some very surprising things about low-carb diets.

Impact of Corn Prices on a Low-Carb Diet - Do you know what that cow you're about to eat had for its last meal? This essay on rising corn prices confronts some surprising facts about what ranchers actually feed the animals we eat.

Why Are There So Many Low-Carb Diets? - Why are there so many different types of low-carb diets? Do we really need them all? This article confronts the truth behind weight-loss books, including low-carb books, and reveals what you need to watch out for when planning your own low-carb diet plan.

K-E Diet: Latest Fad Diet Casts Shadow on Low Carb Diets - How far would you be willing to go to lose the fat? Sometimes, people do some pretty shocking things. I even had someone who actually tried this diet stop by the blog and leave a comment. You really need to read this one.

Portion Control: Do Calories Really Matter? - Okay. Dr. Atkins told people you don't have to count calories to ditch the fat. He created the hungry-man's diet and used it on himself and his patients. But Dr. Atkins isn't your doctor, so what are you going to do when you reach that dreaded point of equilibrium before you reach your weight-loss target?

What Do You Do When You Fall Off the Low-Carb Wagon? - When just starting low carb, your motivation is high, but somewhere along the road, you're going to eat too many carbs. Beating yourself up or throwing in the towel because you mindlessly gorged on an entire bag of chips won't get you what you want. The trick that leads to success is getting inside your head. Here's how.

How to Set a Realistic Weight Loss Goal - Most people who go on a diet have a weight-loss goal in mind, but that goal isn't always realistic. In our current society, vanity sizing has really messed up the way a lot of women think. This article takes a real-life look at what's realistic and offers a completely different perspective from how most people go about setting a weight-loss goal.

One Way to Handle Holiday Temptation: Help an Autistic Child Instead! - Temptation is simply a matter of where we choose to place our attention. When we're thinking only about ourselves and how mistreated we are because we can't eat all of those holiday goodies at the company party, it's easy to take the first step toward going rouge. Don't give in to those holiday temptations this year. Try doing something meaningful instead.

Stumbling on Your Low Carb Eating Plan? Find Success Using the Back Door! - Having difficulty sticking to your low-carb diet? Returning to your old food habits won't help. If you're really serious about taking charge of your life, this article offers an sensible alternative to a traditional low-carb diet plan.

Success Stories

A Low Carb Diet Success Story -- What Can We Learn? - Traditional low-carb wisdom tells us to pick a plan and then do exactly what the book tells us to do. But what happens if you decide to do it another way?

Another Low-Carb Diet Success Story: Captain K's Unique Approach - Habit is how we got into the mess we're in. We didn't get fat just because we decided to enjoy a slice of cake on our birthday. This article reveals the truth of why we got fat, and that reason isn't what you think it is.

How to Tweak a Low-Carb Diet (Series)

The following series details my own personal weight loss journey through a wide variety of weight-loss diets and personal experiments. While I started off with the Atkins Diet in January of 2007, it doesn't work as well as it did for me in 1975 and again in 1999. The following posts depict what I had to do to lose over 100 pounds.

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