Are You Ready to Let Ketosis Change Your Life?

Many low-carb dieters struggle with the concept of dietary ketosis, as used within the context of a low-carb diet.

Due to the Insulin Hypothesis and other low-carb theories, there is a lot of confusion, as well as misconceptions, within the low-carb community.

To help clear up the myths and keep you up-to-date on the latest scientific research surrounding the state of ketosis, here you will find a list of in-depth articles that explains what dietary ketosis is and how you can use the benefits of that alternative metabolic pathway to make your low-carb diet more successful.

How Do You Get Into Ketosis? - Ketosis is a set of adaptions that the body goes through as it runs out of carbohydrate stores. From glycogen depletion to amino acid oxidation to actual ketone production to save the brain, this article walks you through the path the body takes to get into the state of ketosis.

How to Get Into Ketosis in Less Than 3 Days - If you're in a hurry to get into a ketosis and on with your new low-carb lifestyle, this article explains how to do it in the quickest way possible. Also included: a simple 3-day diet that will get you into ketosis fast!

Three Ways to Jump-Start Ketosis - If you're looking for a simple way to get into ketosis fast, this short article offers you three different jump-start low-carb diets to choose from.

How Do I Get Back Into Ketosis Faster After Cheating - If you stumbled and slipped on your low-carb diet, you have nothing to worry about. This detailed article walks you through what happens when you eat too many carbs and reveals the fastest way to get back into ketosis after cheating or a carb up.

How Important is Ketosis? - LCHF diets take ketosis very seriously, but it's a matter of context. You still have to eat at a caloric deficit to burn body fat. Learn why the Atkins diet was created and how ketosis can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Can Ketone-Adaption Increase Weight Loss? - Some influential LCHF advocates believe ketone-adaption drives weight loss, but is that true? Does the amount of fat you eat really matter when it comes to shedding those pounds? Macronutrient percentages can be deceiving, so this article explains why.

How Do I Know if I am in Ketosis? - Ketosis doesn't drive fat loss. It simply precedes that condition. However, many dieters feel motivated to succeed and are comforted when they know that they have gotten themselves into that state. Here are a list of signs and symptoms you can use to determine if you are in ketosis, or not.

Why Am I Not in Ketosis Yet? - If you're using ketone urine strips or the number on the scale to determine if you're in ketosis, you're probably feeling frustrated and defeated. This in-depth article lists 12 reasons why you might not be in ketosis and offers tips and suggestions for correcting the problem.

Can You Be In Ketosis But Not Lose Weight? - The state of ketosis comes with many benefits, but no guarantees. While restricting carbs can get you into a fat-burning state, the fats you burn might only be coming from your diet. This article clears up the misconception that high insulin levels are essential for fat storage and share the truth about how dietary fats affects weight loss stalls or even weight gain.

Problems Getting Into Ketosis? Here's a Quick Fix! - In 2007, the Atkins 2002 program didn't work very well for me. All of the extra vegetables required on Induction was getting in the way. This article discloses why the vegetable rule was changed by Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., and how Atkins 72 can help.

Fear of Ketosis: Are Ketones Toxic and Dangerous? - Some health experts believe that the state of ketosis is toxic, due to the acidic nature of ketoacidosis. However, ketosis and ketoacidosis are not the same thing. Learn why many people fear the Atkins Diet, why moderate carb diets also come with outstanding benefits, and how being in ketosis can actually improve your health.

Do We Burn Ketones for Energy? - What are ketones used for? If you think that ketones fuel your entire body once you go into ketosis, you're only partly right. Temporarily, the body will burn ketones for energy. However, as carbohydrate stress continues, the body has to make another adaption.

Is it Safe to Stay in Ketosis Indefinitely? - Many people stick to a super-low carb diet through the weight-loss phase and then struggle to return the carbs after their body has adapted to that low carbohydrate level. This article explains why faster weight loss by keeping your carbs too low might be a mistake.