No matter which low-carb diet you're following, sustainable weight loss begins in the mind!

Do you turn to food for comfort when your life is hectic or you're feeling mistreated by your bathroom scale?

Do you nurture a state of deprivation, habitually set up unrealistic expectations, or give the scale power over how you feel about yourself?

Do you quit trying after you stumble, thinking, “What's the use? I've blown it, anyway?”

If so, then this Mindful Eating page can help you work through your emotional issues and dissolve the blockages that are keeping you from reaching your goals.

Here, you'll find links to articles, in-depth guides, tips, and advice for handling the emotional side of dieting. Plus, learn essential strategies for battling those urges that arise whenever you feel deprived.

Gain the strength to lose the weight for good by facing your unconscious habits and doing what's necessary to arrive at the weight-loss destination you've always wanted to be.

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight With Low Carb? - Once you have a firm understanding of what purpose actually is, it's time to figure out why you have decided to use a low-carb diet over other weight-loss methods. Learn the truth behind motivation and how to use that motivation to make your low-carb diet a huge success.

Is Your Self Worth Determined by the Size of Your Jeans? - Reaching goal weight doesn't always bring you the happiness and stress-free life you thought it would. Weight Management can be even more difficult than shedding the pounds. In this post, I take a hard look at feelings of insecurity and offer a way to overcome that beast for good.

12 Strategies For Getting Your Cravings Under Control - Everyone doesn't experience drastically reduced hunger and cravings. At least, not right away. If you struggle with hunger and feelings of deprivation, this article shares 12 realistic methods for getting the upper hand and putting the animal brain in its place.

7 Brutal Ways Low-Carb Dieters Torture Themselves - This invaluable guide walks you through the 7 main mental games that most dieters play. These misconceptions can block your low-carb success, so we offer you reasonable solutions to help you overcome the forces working against you, so you can shed those pounds once and for all.

The Danger in Setting Weight-Loss Goals - Since setting weight-loss goals is common among dieters, this article seeks to shed a bit of light on why setting that goal might not be a good idea. Learn about the true nature of happiness, and how goals can affect weight management. 

How the Myth of Willpower Affects Weight Loss - Most people believe that diet success comes from willpower, but the key to success comes from a different form of power. This article seeks to uncover the truth about willpower and shows you exactly why living within the myth controls your choices. 

The Secret of Setting New Year's Resolutions - If you struggle to keep your New Year's resolutions, you might be falling for a serious misconception about self improvement. This article looks at the real reasons why we can't keep promises to ourselves and offers the secret key to taking charge of your life.

Why Can't We Embrace the Low-Carb Journey? - When a friend was called a fraud for writing a book on sustainability, while living within the city limits, it forced me to look at my environment - the low-carb community. This essay takes a serious look at what it really means to support each other instead of the competing with and trying to control our friends.

Are You Addicted to Carbs? - Low carbers love to blame carbohydrates for all of the misery in their lives. Are you fat? It's the carbs. Cheated on your diet? It's not your fault. You didn't have a choice. The carbs made you do it. Sound silly? Then you're ready to find out what addiction really is and which addictions love to masquerade as an addiction to carbs.

Cheating on a Low-Carb Diet: Is There Any Hope? - There are all sorts of mind games we play when we haven't made a rock-solid decision to change our life. This article looks at 5 different personality types that illustrate the various low-carb eating styles, and seeks to understand why cheating often takes priority over our initial decision to ditch the carbs.

Lame Low Carb Diet Excuses: Get Back On Plan - When we really don't want to put ourselves into an uncomfortable situation, we can come up with all sorts of excuses for not getting back on plan. Here's mine.


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