Are you new to a low-carb diet?

If you're just starting out on the low-carb path and you're looking for a little help and support, this Low-Carb Page for Beginners will give you the background and knowledge you need to meet and exceed your weight-loss goals.

With the help of the following articles, specifically picked out for those who have never gone on a low-carb diet before, you'll be able to get the job done easily and quickly.

Below, you'll find our handy Low-Carb Beginner's Guide, as well as useful strategies and tips to help you:
  • end the dieting insanity
  • stop struggling with your weight
  • implement your low-carb diet of choice
  • enjoy freedom from insatiable cravings
  • eat from a huge list of satisfying foods
  • improve your emotional and mental state
  • find the courage to live again

When followed correctly, low-carb diets can show you that weight loss is truly possible, and thereby, slowly transform your life into something exciting and meaningful!

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How to Go Low Carb (Simple 5-Step Guide) - If you haven't read a low-carb diet book, but still want to know how to go low carb, this article walks you through the process step by step.

A Beginner's Guide to Low-Carb Diets - This is our mega low-carb guide that explains everything you need to know to make your new low-carb lifestyle a huge success. Discover the benefits of restricting carbohydrates, what you can reasonably expect during each of the first four weeks, the truth about ketosis, and learn how a low-carb diet really works.

Ultimate Guide for Getting Into Ketosis After Bariatric Surgery - If you're recently had weight-loss surgery and want to go low carb, here's what you need to know to get started right away.

10 Invaluable Low-Carb Tips for Newbies - If you're just starting out on the low-carb path, this article reveals the most important tips you need to know before you start.

11 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Atkins - This is a down-to-earth discussion about weight loss and what you can really expect to experience before and after.

What Going Keto Can Do for You (And What it Can't) - This clears up a lot of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that a lot of newbies have when they first go low carb.

Are Ketones Toxic and Dangerous? - There are a lot of people who are afraid of the state of ketosis, but there isn't really anything to fear.

How to Set a Realistic Weight Loss Goal - Unrealistic expectations is the kiss of death when it comes to diets, so this article reveals why focusing on pounds lost isn't the best way to set a goal. It only makes you crazy. Here's what to do instead.

How to Cope with Slow Weight Loss - When I returned to the Atkins Diet in 2007, I didn't lose much weight. This article explains how I learned to cope with the slow weight loss.

Do You Really Want to Quit Your Low-Carb Diet? - Many dieters place unreasonable demands on their body by setting up expectations regarding how much weight they should be losing each and every week. This article explains what causes weight loss, why some people lose faster than others, and explains the consequences for going back to your old lifestyle.

Will a Low-Carb Diet Ruin My Metabolism? - Since a low-carb diet uses the alternative metabolic pathway, sometimes referred to as the starvation pathway, you might be concerned about following a low-carb diet long-term. This article explains what the metabolism actually is, how it functions, and how a low-carb diet affects it.

Are You Falling for One of These 3 Low-Carb Lies? - Hang around the low-carb crowd for awhile, and you're bound to run into all of these 3 low-carb myths. Learn the truth about protein intake, dietary fats, and calories.

What to Expect if You Cheat on Your Low-Carb Diet - If you find it rough sticking to your low-carb diet plan, this article reveals the typical diet mindset, what's really going on, and how our modern-day processed-foods culture has literally affected the brain. To combat your urge to cheat, you'll discover important questions you can ask yourself, as well as what to do if you decide that eating off plan is worth the cost.

How to Build a Strong Foundation for a Low-Carb Lifestyle - Low carb is not a diet. It's an alternative lifestyle, so it starts with a solid nutritional foundation that can eliminate those nasty food cravings, lower your overall hunger level, and make it easier to carve off those pounds. Learn the basic principles that are essential to reach your weight-loss goals and how to create the perfect food plan for you.

How to Choose the BEST Low-Carb Weight-Loss Program - Low- carb diets come in many flavors, so you'll need to do some independent investigating to discover the best plan for you. To save you time and effort, this article walks you through some of the most popular low-carb diets, giving you their advantages and drawbacks, so you can make the right decision for you.

What is the Easiest Way to Go Low Carb? - Deciding to go low carb is only half the battle. Now, you have to figure out how to implement its principles into your life. This article introduces you to a smooth and easy way to make the transition as pain-free as possible.

What Can I Eat on a Low-Carb Diet? - Each low-carb diet uses a different set of food restrictions and methods, some permanent and some only temporary, but overall, it all comes down to your personal carbohydrate sensitivity. This article provides a lengthy list of what I ate during my own weight-loss phase.     

6 Dieting Mistakes that Newbies Make - You don't have to be new to a low-carb diet to make one of these 6 mistakes. People returning to a low-carb lifestyle often make them too.

An Honest Discussion About Slow Weight Loss - Most newbies have dramatic weight loss when following a low-carb diet, but if you've been a yo-yo dieter for most of your life, the results you see won't live up to the claims. This article explains why slow weight loss can actually be your friend, while fast results can be an enemy in disguise.

The Dirty Little Secret About Ketone Testing Strips - While ketone urine test strips are actually a part of the Atkins Diet, many people following a general low-carb diet plan also use them to test for the state of ketosis. This article explains what they actually are, how they work, what they look for, and clears up a lot of the confusion and myths about using them.