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Going low carb can be confusing for newbies and frustrating for those who are not seeing the same results they got before. Each low-carb diet comes with a different approach and a different set of rules, so if you:
  • have a question
  • want to share a frustration
  • are confused by the inconsistencies among low-carb diets
  • don't know how to get your stats for Keto
  • are not getting the results you want
  • or you just want to chat
You can get in touch with us by dropping us an email at:

Please tell us which low-carb diet you're doing and be honest about what's going on. We can't help you understand the problem if you are not honest and sincere.

While we certainly don't have all the answers, we have extensive experience with several low-carb diets and several moderate-carb diets as well.

It's fine if you're doing something other than low-carb. You can still contact us. Or visit us at our moderate-carb blog:

Life After Low Carb

If You're a Newbie to Low Carb

Don't sit there feeling confused. There are NO stupid questions. Even if you just want to share your success with Induction, go ahead and contact us today! We love to hear from our readers!

We are Experienced with Moderate-Carb Diets Too

We have had good experiences with several 60-carb diets, Sugarbusters, and the Old Weight Watchers Exchange Plan, as well as low-calorie diets and PSMF, so no matter what weight-loss plan you're following, together, we can come up with a viable solution to your problem.

If we can't help you to understand the problem, we'll send you to someone who can.

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