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Get Help for the Holidays, a Special Occasion, or Everyday Meals Right Here!

Got a special occasion coming up?

Need a few ideas for the holidays?

Maybe you're bored with breakfast and just want to know what else you can eat.

Getting specific help for cooking low-carb meals often takes more than just a recipe. Plus, seeking out enough recipes to pull together for a family gathering or superbowl bash can be quite time consuming.

That's where we come in.

Here, you'll find an abundance of articles and blog posts that focus on:
  • popular holidays
  • special occasions
  • everyday meals
  • menus and templates
  • cooking without a recipe
  • helpful food tips and ideas for newbies
  • information on particular low-carb foods
  • low-carb nutrition
  • budget ideas
and much more!

If it has to do with low-carb food, and isn't a specific recipe, you'll probably find it here, although our food posts do contain super easy recipes and techniques.

Don't forget to also drop by our low-carb recipe page for more ideas.

If you can't find what you're looking for, send me an email and let me know what you're looking for:


Holidays and Special Occasions

Low-Carb Superbowl Goodies - Specifically designed for Superbowl fans, you don't have to love football to enjoy these low-carb dips, salsa, and cheese balls. You'll also find several recipes for low-carb chicken wings and tons of additional snack ideas for low carbers. 

Make Easter Eggs the Center of Your Low-Carb Holiday - Passing up the candy won't be difficult if you surround yourself with great low-carb food that's tastier than what you ate before. To help you make that happen, this article provides dozens of unique ideas to make your Easter eggs more special.

Cinco de Mayo: 12 Super Tasty Cal-Mex Dishes - Think Mexican food is off limits when restricting carbohydrates? Not at all! You can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with these 12 delicious Mexican food dishes, such as Seviche, Chili Verde, Carnitas, and Mexican meatballs. The key is to look for authentic dishes like Pozole soup that only need small tweaks.  

Make Your Low-Carb Halloween Special - You don't have to cave into the sugar beast just because it's Halloween! Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, add a little fun to your evening by serving Halloween eyeballs, spider eggs, hot dog fingers, or Jack O Lantern puke. But don't stop there. There are lots more ideas inside.  

How to Survive Halloween on a Low-Carb Diet - This article addresses several of the problems that Halloween dieters have as they move into the holiday season, and offers down-to-earth solutions to make the holidays more tolerable. White knuckling it through the rough times isn't always the best answer.

Make 2016 Your Best Low-Carb Thanksgiving Ever - This mega guide offers tips and advice on getting your head in the game. Included, is a simple low-carb holiday menu for 12 and lots of recipes and advice to help you make your Thanksgiving holiday the best it can be.

Low-Carb Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Ideas - Thanksgiving is easy to do low carb. With turkey or ham the traditional centerpiece of the meal, all you need is a few appropriate appetizers, sides, and desserts. This article walks you through a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner and explains the do's and don'ts of making a great low-carb feast.

Before You Reach for That Thanksgiving Roll . . . - If you're thinking about cheating for Thanksgiving this year, don't make the decision without a clear understanding of the consequences. While a single meal won't make you fat, this article shares what you can expect to happen to you if you eat too many carbs, and the physical consequences for over indulging at Thanksgiving.

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking a Perfect Holiday Turkey - Do you know how to cook the perfect turkey? This ultimate guide shares everything I've learned over the years about turkeys and how to bake them so the skin comes out extra-crispy instead of a soggy mess.

How to Make a Faux Low-Carb Cookie Plate - Here's the scoop. I don't do sugar substitutes, not even for the holidays, so I honestly don't have any recipes of my own for low-carb cookies. However, last year, I decided to make myself a faux low-carb cookie plate by making jalapeno cheese chips, salami trees, and pepper-jack Christmas cutouts instead.

How to Plan a Great Low-Carb Christmas Dinner - Need help creating a great Christmas dinner that's low in carbs? This article shares 10 secrets I've learned along the way about making great holiday meals. Includes links to low-carb Christmas cookies, since I don't make those myself.

3 Best Keto Diet Tips for Losing Weight at Christmas Time - This article offers three ways to keep you focused on your low-carb diet and help you cut the cravings for office goodies and cookie exchanges. 

Meal and Snack Ideas

12 Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas to Make Mornings Easier - Breakfast seems to be the most difficult meal of the day for those on a low-carb diet, so this article offers a different solution: skip the dieting mindset and just eat low carb! To help with your transformation, we've come up with 12 tasty low-carb breakfast recipes to get you started.

What Can I Eat on Atkins Induction? - No matter which version of the Atkins Diet you're doing, getting through the first two weeks can be rough. This article explains how to do Atkins Induction correctly, and then offers hundreds of great ideas and low-carb recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

What Can I Eat on Low Carb? - If you're struggling to come up with terrific food ideas for your Keto, Atkins Phase 2, Nutritional Ketosis, or other LCHF diet, in this article, I share everything I used to eat while losing over 100 pounds.

Low-Carb Diet Templates for Atkins Induction and OWL - Although this low-carb menu planner was designed with the Atkins Diet in mind, there is a wealth of information that's appropriate for a standard low-carb diet, as well.

How to Get Into Ketosis in Less Than 3 Days - If you have extreme insulin resistance and need to follow a very low-carb diet, you'll find the 3-day menu in this article helpful.

7-Day Ketogenic Diet Menu for Atkins Induction - If you're doing a 20-net carb low-carb diet, this article offers an extremely simple 7-day menu that can help you keep your carbs ultra low.

9 Creative Ways to Make Your Low-Carb Diet More Fun (And Less Boring!) - If you're bored with your low-carb diet, don't bail quite yet. Take a look at these 9 creative ways to spice up your low-carb diet first. 

Low-Carb Food and Ingredients

How Does Alcohol Affect Fat Metabolism? - The effects of alcohol on the state of ketosis is one of the most popular questions I'm asked, so this article explains Dr. Atkins view, and details exactly how it affects the metabolism. Get tips and advice for adding a little fun to your low-carb diet.

Low-Carb Flour Alternatives - Part of making a low-carb diet work is to start out with recipes that closely resemble how you used to eat before. This extensive list of low-carb flour substitutes can help you reach for the best flour alternative for that chicken nugget or favorite meatloaf. 

Are You Using Too Much Heavy Cream in Your Coffee? - Has your weight loss stalled before you reached goal weight? Maybe you are using too much heavy cream in your coffee. This article shares one man's experience with mindlessly consuming too much cream and what happened when he cut back.

Perfect for Summer Fruit Lists for All Low-Carb Diets - Most low-carb dieters are afraid of fruit, due to their high glycemic index, but many fruits can easily fit into your carb allowance. This article shares extensive fruit lists for Atkins 20 and 40, the Keto Diet, and Atkins 72.

Are Low Carb Meals and Snacks Gluten Free? - Many low-carb products use pure gluten flour and other high-gluten ingredients, such as wheat starch, in their recipes. Learn what gluten free really means and some of the complexities involved in trying to do a low-carb gluten-free diet.

Gluten-Free Results from the 30-Day No-Gluten Experiment - In April of 2009, I went gluten free for 30 days. This article shares the result of that experiment, and why I decided to go completely gluten free without an official diagnosis.

Cracker Barrel's Low-Carb Breakfast Review (It's Not What They Claim) - Get a detailed account of what happened when my in-laws and I tried to eat at Cracker Barrel while on a low-carb diet. (This was before I went gluten free, but the experience played a huge part in the final decision to get divorced from gluten.)

The Truth About Sugar Substitutes - Sugar alternatives are a hot topic for low-carb dieters. They come with loads of controversy. This article looks at some of the problems specific to low-carb diets, and shares a list of the glycemic index of popular sweeteners. The stats on Splenda will surprise you!

The Truth About Sugar Alcohols - Today, many low-carb dieters have switched to low-glycemic sugar alcohols, so this article provides the facts behind the myths. We also take a look at some of the ingredients like glycerine and polydextrose that many manufacturers do not add to their carb counts.

Peas Are Not Evil! - There is a common tendency within the low-carb community to demonize carbohydrates, even though starchy vegetables and even whole grains are found on Dr. Atkins Carbohydrate Ladder. This article sorts the facts from the fantasy and offers advice on when its appropriate to use high-carb veggies.

Missing Diet Soda? PepsiCo Has Your Back! - Diet soda is another hot topic loaded with controversy, even within the low-carb community. Dr. Atkins didn't believe in using products with Aspartame, so die-hard low carbers have had to use expensive products made with Stevia or hunt down a few canned Shastas. Pepsi now offers a Splenda-sweetened Pepsi, along with their traditional varieties.

Mercury in High Fructose Corn Syrup - High-Fructose Corn Syrup has been demonized by the low-carb elite, due to the way it's processed in the liver. This article looks at a different problem with HFCS and includes a link to the video where Dr. David Wallinga explains his findings.

Low-Carb Veggies, Fruits, and Pesticides - If you can't afford to go 100% organic, this article discusses which fruits and vegetables are highest in pesticides, so you can make the best produce choice for you.

How to Work Low-Carb Vegetables Into Your Diet - Many people do not like vegetables. Others draw a blank when confronted with the problem of restricting themselves to a meat-and-veggie diet. If you feel stuck when it comes to produce, this mega guide offers over a hundred ways to start eating more veggies today.

Best Grain-Free Sources of Vitamin B - One of the arguments raised against low-carb diets is their lack of Vitamin B, since we don't eat wheat bread. This article confronts that misconception head on, and provides a detailed list of low-carb foods that contain ample Vitamin B to keep you healthy and fit.

Budget Ideas

12 Tasty Ideas for Eating Low Carb on a Budget - Since a low-carb diet is basically a meat-and-vegetable diet, you might think that converting is going to be expensive. However, a low-carb diet is only as expensive as you want it to be. This article offers the secret keys to cheap eating, as well as 12 basic recipes to help keep costs low. 

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