August 25, 2015

Why is the Atkins Diet Not Working this Time?

Eating Too Many Avocados Will Slow Down Weight Loss
Why is the Atkins Diet
Not Working this Time?
Most of the comments or emails I get come from people who are not new to low carb. They have previously been on Atkins or some other form of low-carb diet and returned to carbohydrate restriction because it worked so well for them in the past.

Perhaps you feel the same way.

Your expectations are high. You strongly believe that the diet should work as rapidly and easily as before. 

However, that isn't happening. You're frustrated because you aren't losing weight. Maybe you're struggling to cope with only dropping a pound or two all month. Perhaps, you're exercising, but your weight keeps bouncing rather than going down.

You're understandably upset. 

Didn't Dr. Atkins promise that if you gave up the carbs losing weight would be easy?