Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Low-Carb Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to a low-carb diet? Is all of the talk about protein and fat ratios confusing you? Maybe you’ve been trying to follow a few low-carb guidelines that you found on the web, or some information that a friend gave you, but you’re still not losing weight. What you really need is a Low-Carb Beginner’s Guide that eliminates unnecessary information and explains exactly how to follow a low-carb diet.  

Spicy Chicken Skillet
A low-carb diet works extremely well, especially if you’ve never gone on a low-carb diet before. It can lower your circulating insulin levels, correct metabolic syndrome, and help you burn liver fat quicker than any other type of diet. It can reduce your cravings, help to control your hunger levels, improve blood glucose control, and make shedding the pounds easier since you don’t initially have to count calories or points.

Sound good? Well, a lot of people think so. The problem is – many people don’t take the time to read a low-carb book or research the diet thoroughly enough to understand how the diet works. They have no idea what acceptable low-carb foods are, how net carbs work, the proper place of vegetables and dietary fats, and why low-carb products can actually work against their weight-loss goals.

They read a few forum posts, look at a couple of low-carb recipes, and browse a handful of low-carb blogs and then try to piece together what they believe is a low-carb diet. Yet, they don’t know that low-carb tortillas and Dreamsfield Pasta is initially off limits, and that Atkins bars and shakes should be used sparingly. They’ve never heard of the Carbohydrate Ladder, and don’t know anything about finding their carbohydrate sensitivity.

Low-Carb Diet Guide for Beginners:

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